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About Me

I am never unhappy when I am with my camera.

I am a self-taught photographer born and raised in Nepal, in the capital city of Kathmandu. Growing up in this beautiful part of the world, I always had a fascination with artistic and architecture side of things around me like temples, archaic buildings, monuments and nature. Late in my teen my love for photography grew when I started playing with long exposure feature of my camera. Photographing trails of light, clouds in motion or silky stream of flowing water using long exposure techniques and turning a simple composition into a form of art hooked me into photography.

By trait, I am an engineering graduate, but have a humongous passion for travel. Searching unexplored places to visit and finding unique perspective to photograph always appeals me. I moved to Black Hills area about  six years ago and ever since have been mesmerized by the beauty of its night sky which has inspired me in many ways. I feel the idea of using a consumer level camera to capture faintest of light that has travelled through thousands and thousands of year to reach us is truly remarkable.

I’m passionate about landscape and astrophotography. I enjoy and find pleasure in spending hours out in the dark photographing the milky way or shooting a long star trails. Besides, I’m also interested in photographing animals in nature and exploring macro photography.

Photographs published here are personal and not for commercial sale. If you like anything for personal use, send an  email or message me on Facebook.

"Be humble for you are made of Earth, Be noble for you are made of stars."

Email - thetaintedtripod@gmail.com

Facebook - The Tainted Tripod

Instagram -  @thetaintedtripod

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