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About Me

I am never unhappy when I am with my camera.

I am Eden Bhatta, passionate about nature and astrophotography. Black Hills & Badlands has mesmerized me by the beauty of their landscapes, wildlife and the stellar night skies. It's a perfect escape to get some sanity back into my normal life. With little light pollution, a clear moonless rural South Dakotan night sky reveals stars and the Milky Way in very high detail that has inspired me in few ways.

I feel the idea of using a basic long exposing camera to capture faintest of light that has travelled through thousands and thousands of years to reach us is truly remarkable. Human eye has very limited capabilities to view the night sky but with a long exposing camera the details start to unravel. This is one of the reasons photographing the night sky is special to me - it captures the moment that otherwise gets unnoticed to the naked eye. It's a beautiful balance between elements of art and science. Night sky photography can be very challenging and over the years I've incorporated more advanced techniques like tracking, stacking and panorama stitching of images taken with a telephoto lens to achieve night sky photographs in very high detail.

I enjoy and find pleasure in spending hours out in the dark photographing the milky way or shooting a long star-trails. Besides, I'm also interested in photographing animals in nature and exploring macro photography. Every once in a while, my lovely wife joins me for an outing together which makes experiencing the nature and outdoors even better.

"Be humble for you are made of Earth, Be noble for you are made of stars."

Prints are available in paper, canvas, metal and acrylic in various sizes. Send me a message in Facebook or through email.

Email - thetaintedtripod@gmail.com

Facebook - The Tainted Tripod

Instagram -  @thetaintedtripod

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